Gulf Daily News (Bahrain)

To all their other troubles, Bush and Blair are being put on trial for “crimes committed in Palestine and Iraq”. International activists will try the duo in absentia and have recruited Ramsey Clark to head up the prosecution team. They must be thrilled with the work he is doing in behalf of Saddam Hussein (who probably doesn’t even know that Clark has taken it upon himself to be his attorney).

The spectacular will be held in Cairo and I suspect that the greats, former greats and would-be greats will be put up at the best hotels while they ponder what they should do to the two “leaders of the western world” after they find them guilty, which is a fargone conclusion.


Middle-east-online remembers the good old days when nations could defend themselves if they were invaded. But then came labellings them as terrorist states and American goon squads marched in. It remember the good old days when nuclear non-proliferation was for all nations but then came mini-nukes and missile defense systems exclusively for the use of “super powers”. It remembers much else as well.

The Sydney Morning Herald has the solution to the race riots that are plaguing the country. Let the police run social clubs and teach “wayward boys” boxing, wrestling and other character-building games. [Don’t neglect rhubarb, chess, the study of history and polite ways to ask girls for dates.]

Japan Times

A phony Chinese map of the world with a phony date of 1418 proves Columbus did not discover America but the Chinese did. They also beat Magellan to the punch when it comes to circumlocution the earth. The phony map finder says this will prove to the world we’re as smart as other people. The Times says no one doubts it. What that country needs is prudence, honesty and lack of nationalist bias.

Haaretz (Israel)

Islamists are in the company of imbecile skinheads. They are easy to hate.


Power and Interest News Report

Our friends at PINR have produced an excruciatingly long but provocative report on nuclear development in India with the approval and love of the U.S. administration. Iran swears up and down it just wants to build nuclear reactors; India thinks warheads are a very nice thing to have around. El Baradei over at IAEA also thinks India can be made an exception to the nonnuclear proliferation treaty. What is the difference between Iran and India? Quite simple. Everybody in India is nice, sweet, handsome, and they mostly speak English. Who would not trust them? In fact, not to keep you guessing (on the miraculous outside chance you care), I really do trust them. But, then, naive simpleton that I am, I trust Iran, too.