Christian Science Monitor

A passage to India. Bush will visit the world’s largest democracy this week and he must not compromise in such a way that would let India continue to mix its military and civilian nuclear programs.


San Francisco Chronicle

Federal support for foster care programs is bad but is about to get much worse. A congressional budget cut is about to ensure that children will have to be removed from their homes and put back in orphanages.


Miami Herald

Miami-Dade jails are horrible and the responsibility for fixing the mess falls squarely on the shoulders of the county commissioners.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Congress is about to give the very rich another $70 billion tax break while leaving crumbs on the table for millions of others.


New Orleans Times-Picayune

Most Americans believe the federal government hasn’t done enough to help the Katrina victims.


Baltimore Sun

A “lamebrained bully”, politician Donald Dwyer is trying to get a judge removed from her position because she struck down a state ban against gay marriage. The Sun is right. He is lamebrained. Even if the ruling is wrong, one ruling does not incompetence make.


Dallas News

Texans don’t want a border wall and neither does the Dallas News. [They got that right.]