Hwasong 5 – 300 KM (apx 186 miles). Cannot reach Japan.

Hwasong 6 – 500 KM (about 310 miles)

Musudan – 3000 KM (10 x Hwasong 5′s 186 miles range – you do the math.)

Taepodong 1 – 2,500 KM Cannot reach Hawaii or Guam.

Taepodong 2 – 6,700 KM Could threaten northern Australia and Alaska. Cannot reach U.S. mainland.

Then, too, there is the new KN-08. Untested. Japanese press [Asahi Shimbun] says its accuracy is very suspect. The real reason North Korea has moved much of its military firepower to the east coast is not to have a better shot at South Korea but to ensure its missiles would not fall on its own soil.

North Korea’s longest range missiles could reach China and India but the Koreans are already getting on the nerves of their supposed allies, the Chinese, and Kim Jong Un is not so stupid as to want to antagonize them further by pointing out that China, too, is within range.

And let us not forget, there is no good reason to think any of these missiles work. They haven’t bee tested. You don’t go to war with weapons that don’t fire.
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