When The Left Hand Does Not Know What The Right Hand Is Doing

February 26 2013

The Oscar Pistorius story has taken either a macabre or hilarious twist. You tell me.

Hilton Botha, the chief investigator in the alleged murder of Reeva Steenkamp, the glamorous girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius, is himself facing an attempted murder charge stemming from an incident in 2011. Apparently nobody informed the prosecutor in the Oscar case. The police commissioner has now belatedly replaced the investigator with South Africa’s most senior detective. Given the notoriety surrounding the case, we must wonder what took so long. The commissioner says the case has the “utmost importance and significance.” You betcha, Chief, given that Oscar is the most famous person in the land whose name is not Nelson Mandela.

To heap prejudice upon prejudice, consider that Mr. Botha, the now former investigator, was also the chief investigator in an Oscar Pistorius assault case back in 2009. Is it possible there are only two cops in all South Africa, perhaps the most crime-ridden country in the world? The prosecutors, who are curiously hot to get Oscar, say it doesn’t make sense that he would have shot four bullets through a closed door without asking, “Who’s in that bathroom?” That’s true enough but neither does it make sense that if he wanted to kill the glamour queen he would not have opened the door to make sure his shots didn’t miss by a country mile.

Oscar says he called for an ambulance when he discovered it was Reeva bleeding badly. Botha admits he forgot to check the phone records! Botha also failed to wear standard protective footwear when investigating the scene, thus contaminating the evidence. His crazy reply was that the investigation was in a preliminary phase.

The judge in the case has ruled that Oscar is not a flight risk and has released him on low bond. Why any bond, judge, if he is not a flight risk? And how could a man who balances himself on two weird-looking prostheses be a flight risk? Where would he go if he took off? Perhaps this is a case of the left leg not knowing what the right leg is doing.

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