At The Oscars

February 26 2013

If what you like is plenty of action, thrilling escapes sans verisimilitude, then ARGO is for you. It is a loosely based, highly contrived account of an incident in Iran that is not worth describing. You probably know what it is, anyway. Ben Affleck was in charge of falsities and he is entirely unapologetic. I would be, too, if they gave me five million bucks. At the graceless proceedings, with movie stars flaunting their dresses good for nothing but such occasions and wearing, too, their “come hither but don’t touch” looks, Ben stepped upon the stage and gave all the usual dull-witted thanks to everyone he had ever encountered. Dedicated movie fans were thrilled out of the remnants of their minds.

This passes for the best political film of 2012. Was there any in the field of nominees that was better? Only if you have a mature mind. You may have heard of Abraham Lincoln. There was a movie about him, too.

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