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The Australian

Things will get rough for Tony Blair upon his retirement. Rough, that is, until he masters the lecture circuit a la Colin Powell. Powell now makes $65,000 per lecture. His contract specifies that he be flown to lecture points in a Lear Jet 60 and be put up in the very best hotel for 2 nights for 2 people. Also, his name must be registered in the hotel under an alias. Powell further insists that autograph hunters must be warned he signs no books but his own. So bring one with you. Mr. Powell requires a light wood lectern. No Plexiglas permitted. He needs a town car in whatever city he is being escorted about. It is important Tony Blair sign up with the Washington Speakers Bureau and not a bunch of patzers. Only WSB guarantees the best. In fact, Powell, himself, is sure to renegotiate upon the news that Alan Greenspan got $145,000 for his first outing since leaving the feds. There’s gold in them that hills as John Majors, Rudy Gugliani and Newt Gingrich have found out.

Congratulations to Tony on his retirement from public service.